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10/14/2010 BabaGlee
Comments: Looking forward to receiving the set of Eight Vessels-- As keeper of the set in Australia/Adelaide - City of Light -- Sharing the experience of sound expanding awareness -- should sound neat with Harmonic Throat singing chorus. Nice Website Photos. Looking forward to starting a chapter in Australia. Thanks Mate.

6/30/2010 John Blanchard
Comments: Harmonic sound is what it all about. This may be the instrument for opening the ancient Hall of Records or the tunnels under Peru.What a fantastic intrument. I will be ordering a set as soon as I can save the money. Thank you for your efforts.

5/11/2010 Diane Whitney
Comments: I would like to order a set of 4, but it would be nice to experience it first. I suppose everyone says that. Has anyone ever said that they didn't have anything unusual happen when they had a whistling session? Just wondering.

4/19/2010 Kees Peters
Comments: thanks for great sounding whistles. I do use them im ny workshops Ritual Trance. They support a powerful field.

4/16/2010 Steve
Comments: Just stopping by

2/17/2010 Zenea Richler
Comments: Is there anyone near Asheville, NC that I could experience these with, before ordering a set? Thank You Zenea

1/21/2010 Deborah Gwin
Comments: My late husband and I possessed a set of 12 whistles 20 years ago. Unfortunately, his car was crushed by an impaired truck driver, and the whistles were in the trunk. I lost both my husband and the whistles. As an ethnomusicologist, I found them fascinating, and we had some incredible experiences with them with meditation classes. I am ready to experience them again!

9/19/2009 Richard Tennant
Comments: I'd love to hear a demonstration. Are there ways to contact someone with the Pacific N.W. region that is willing to allow such? Thank you for your years of dedication. They're beautiful works. Peace from Portland.

9/15/2009 Ole Ullern
Comments: Having read about & wished to try them, yesterday I tried Peruvian Whistle Jars in a circle, first time. VERY good and interesting. LSD through sound, to me. Absolutely entheogenic. Tnx, Don Wright, for having made the vessels. Apparently, this is a new level of a spiritual journey. It made me see the psychic structures inside me, and around me. Structures I normally only feel, as less clear bodily sensations. Actually lifting the bodily sensations into the visual sense. Shimmering around my head, like a creatively shaped helmet, and tingling, tickling. Yes, happy to have met those jars. Any person with interest in psychedelics should try Peruvian Whistle-jars. They'll be in for a truly - literally - mind-expanding experience.

8/18/2009 CHARBEL heraoui
Comments I heard about the whistle years ago and allways wanted to have one.Thank you for sharing this information your friend charbel

7/25/2009 Brass Nipper
Comments May the blesses be.

1/26/2009 Asad Khan
Comments: Thank you for this sacred healing tool which can increase the vibration in others. Much love.

11/27/2008 Suzann & Ea Ea
Comments: I would love for you to be in touch with me about ordering a set. These have been fascinating me for years. Ea Ea Suzann

11/12/2008 eleonora
Comments You have been a very good source of information.Thanks a lot.

10/14/2008 Susan Gehrig
Comments: I have just read shamans of the world and this has led me to this site.The vessels I would love to hear and purchase.I do energy work in canada and also work with clay in the ancient way if ever you need extra hands please contact me.I love to journey with a purpose.Blessings Sue

10/8/2008 Raven of Raven Crystal
Comments: A friend of has the 9 sets of peruvian Whistling Vessels and will get together to have a shamanic experience. Thank you for your gift. Love & Light, Raven

4/9/2008 urbanmythic
Comments: Greetings from New York City... serendipity brought me to your site, well done! Spirit is indeed alive here. Your beautiful pots are on my desire list. Thank you for your good work.

4/9/2008 Chris Amrhein
Comments: I get a set of 5 whistles you made for Renato Strassmann Austria. First time I play our whistles 2002 in Prag, it was a great trip. Now I have it..and I love it. God work I hope to see you one time Chris

3/16/2008 Susan
Comments: Thank you!

12/7/2007 paula popova
Comments: nice, but not really affordable at this time, would like to experience this. Could you come to Vancouver Island for a concert-demonstration?

12/7/2007 Basie byleveld
Comments: Hi - Don been some time - to Quote You Hooray ( I thought you have left the face of the earth - well I am settled in Margate Kwazulu Natal. Best Regards - Basie

9/13/2007 jack

9/7/2007 JIM BROWN

9/4/2007 Dr. Thomas Tritle
Comments: Have just discovered whistling pots. Entrancing, as they say. Keep me in touch. I'll get back to you.

7/16/2007 Lisa Carlock
Comments: I have been facinated with the vessels since Jim Albani used to hold rituals at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

7/7/2007 okwuego
Comments: good work

7/7/2007 EZEGO

6/27/2007 britta and don michael
Comments: Hallo Mr. Flyhunter, many many kisses from your son and daughter in law from germany, we are back from crete, we lived there for 1 year ! please call or send an e mail, phone ****** love britta & don michael

6/21/2007 jeremy
Comments: hey yall

3/27/2007 Jared
Comments: My mom owns this site. Mom,if you are reading this, i'm just visiting!

3/24/2007 Wendy
Comments: I have been facinated with your vessels since first reading of them last year. I will be placing an order for a set of four soon so I might continue my spiritual growth and understanding in this life. Thank you for making, and sharing them with others. Wendy

2/18/2007 Carmen Brown
Comments: Great information!

2/15/2007 Olav Bjørshol
Comments: Yesterday feb.14. th worlds healingsoundday I participated in a small group, lead by Tor Paulsen, who introduced us to this wonderfull vistlingvessel. Beeing a sailer and have had many wonderfull experiencies with whales and dolphins I could not hold back the feeling of a simillarty in sound and state of mind. Thank you so much. Olav

2/1/2007 sue smith
Comments: these vessels seem to be amazing. i haven't heard one played but find the thought that i might hear one to be very moving. i would dearly love to own one, but do not have the funds to buy a set. i give healing sessions and run courses and am expanding my experience and practice of shamanic journeying. i wish you well and hope one day to have one of your amazing whistling vessels. love light and birdsong wishes to you, sue

1/23/2007 Tom Petraccaro
Comments: Very interesting. I would love to experience this one day!

12/27/2006 Shelagh Wright
Comments: Found your website when idly googling my husband's name-Don Wright!- and am fascinated! I shall be back-depending on their cost, one of your vessels would make an unusual gift for Don's 60th next year. IF you ever read this, we live in wonderful Wensleydale- a beautiful river valley in North Yorkshire, Great Britain.

12/21/2006 Brad Perlman
Comments: I just showed your photos of what you made to my peruvian friend at work. He likes the ones you make.

12/2/2006 paulette shephard
Comments: Your daughter has brought me to your web site.....being a musician, I find this very facinating....Thanks for all the info. I live in silver city and perhaps I could come and hear these wonderful sounds? let me know. paulette

11/21/2006 john artman
Comments: I love what your doing,will be ordering a set soon.

11/16/2006 eben
Comments: yon mee shee hah , heh meh shee shee-- veh ish kodol kodoish kodoish kodoish thank you kindly

11/10/2006 Danny Wright
Comments: my dads the man!

11/7/2006 Robert Hilton, M.D.
Comments: Probably the earliest binaural beat system. I wonder how they first discovered this effect from sound? A great website!

11/7/2006 Matthew Lewis
Comments: What an incredibly fascinating site. God Bless Your Good Work. Towards The Light...

11/7/2006 robert
Comments: glad you are 'here now'!

10/29/2006 Kirk and Marsha Vogel
Comments: We would like to come visit shortly. We live in Santa Fe.

10/9/2006 EBEN

10/9/2006 Maria Seri
Comments: Since I first heard the vessels around 5 yrs. ago, I've been envisioning the day that I would be able to purchase them to share with others. I'll be calling today to place my order. Gratefully, Maria

9/26/2006 Tatiana
Comments: very interesting

7/1/2006 Carolyn Gratz
Comments: Hi I would like to order two pots. If possible email me. Carolyn

6/24/2006 Charles Kempf
Comments: I have been priviliged to experience the set of whistles you made for Doyle Walker. Quite an experience. Thanks so much. It makes me want to return to Peru and experience the magical energy of that place once again. Thanks

6/22/2006 susann franklin
Comments: look forward to hearing from you!

6/4/2006 alejandro
Comments: interested in experiencing vessels in new york city. thanks

5/3/2006 Sherry Reed
Comments: Silver City is beautiful.

4/7/2006 earthwings
Comments: I have heard the vessels and feel they sound like tea pots whistling. Going thru all these steps in creating them does not make them more valuable to me since he is not a Peruvian Shaman. It only makes the prices higher.

4/6/2006 Charles Kempf
Comments: I have twice traveled to Peru and participated in ceremonies with shamans both in the Amazon jungle and at Machu Picchu. But it was only recently that I was told of the whistling bowls by a friend who will be traveling to Peru. Are the bowls tuned to the individual? How did you become aware of the bowls and how to make them? Quite fascinating. Thanks.

3/19/2006 Pony R. Horton
Comments: Don, Your site is looking better and better. Can't wait for the day when I can afford a set of my own. I'll be in touch! Live Long and Prosper, Pony

3/9/2006 Don and Laura Wright
Comments: We have changed the format of our guestbook due to the abuse of our previous one, which got innundated with over 100 bot-installed advertisement links. Thanks for looking!

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