The Vessels Return To Their Birthland


In 1994, I met Juan Nunez Del Prado near where I was living in California.
Dr. Prado is the son of Oscar Nunez del Prado, a Peruvian anthropologist who was the first person to connect with the Q'ero after approximately four hundred years of the Q'ero isolation from civilization. To the indigenous people of Peru, the Q'ero are considered to be the holders of the Incan spiritual tradition. Juan was a visiting professor in Anthropology at the time and was accompanied by two Elders of the Q'ero people. I introduced him and the two elders to an experience of a set of four vessels. As a result of the responses of the elders and his recognition of the validity of the vessels, he offered to assist me in any way he could if I ever decided to visit Peru and share my knowledge of manifesting psycho-acoustically tuned vessels. Although grateful, at the time money and situation did not permit me to act upon his offer.


In 1995, I was contacted by a foundation whose charter was to preserve ancient technologies in danger of being lost, due to the advance of civilization. They had heard of my work with the vessels and believed that it might be within the interest of their charter to investigate what I was accomplishing. After meeting with them and several discussions, they decided it would be appropriate for them to sponsor my travel to Peru for the purpose of returning to the Peruvian culture what I had learned about the vessels. This resulted in my travel to Peru where I was taken under the wing of Dr. Prado in order to share and gift a set of eight vessels to the Q'ero people. The pictures that follow are of some of the moments of this journey. In the addition to the Q'ero elders in the pictures are members of the Emmy Award winning film documentary crew, which the foundation sent to document the event, a Professor of Languages from the University of Cusco who was my interpreter, Juan Nunez Del Prado, and an author documenting ceremonies and beliefs of the Q'ero.

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