Peruvian Whistling Vessels 

Energies Present In The Clay

Having been making Peruvian Whistling Vessels for over 20 years, I have always offered to transfer any energy or include any appropriate substance that may be sacred or special to the prospective vessel keeper. This option has resulted in the clay being highly charged vibrationally. It has also resulted in the following list of energies being present in the clay from which every set of vessels is made. If the material is organic and can be converted to ashes, the energy is transfered by adding the ashes to the clay. If the material is not organic and can be powdered, the powder is added. If the inorganic material cannot be powdered (for example, if the person wishes return of the item) energies are transfered in a manner taught me by a traditional elder of a Native American tribe. For all of these transfers, only a very small quantity of the substance is used. The goal is the transfer of energies and not quantity of material.

It has always been imperative that charged clay be added to all subsequent batches of new clay, to carry energies forward into new vessels. Other than material substances, requested sacred music has been played during pouring, and requested chants have been spoken over clay before pouring. Prayer flags and lists of sacred lineages have been hung during the vessel manifestations.

The following list is not complete, and we have deliberately omitted items very personal to individuals at their request. In those cases, such substances were added only to the clay used for their vessels, and not to the mother batch. The list has been compiled from notes included with the substances, boxes of letters, post cards, and emails (all of which we cherish and have archived) that describe the substances which were included in the mother batch of clay.

If anyone reading this has provided energies to be included in the clay that you notice are missing from this list, please inform us and we will correct the list.
(spellings of items on this list may not be accurate.)

  • Water from the Mississippi River
  • Water from the Boundary Water of Northern Minnesota
  • Water from the Atlantic Ocean
  • Water from the Pacific Ocean
  • Crystal, stone, shell, coral and rock elixir [containing spectrolite, malachite, lazurite, lepedolite, ceptarian, dunga from Himalayas, clear quartz singing crystals, sodalight, amethyst, coral (Belize), stones from Great Lakes, hematite, stones & agates (Lake Superior), bloodstone, turquoise, self healing crystals, clear quartz crystals, azurite, fluorite (numerous), petrified wood, rutilated quartz, ruby, Tibetan singing crystals, peridot, tiger eye, sea shells, moldavite, geodes (several), snowflake obsidian shadow quartz crystals, healing crystals]
  • Water from the Mounds in St. Paul - a special cave
  • Earth, feathers, bark, beaver woodchips, bone from eye, ear and jaw bones or sockets of a deer from Spirit Island in Minneapolis (also rabbit presence)
  • Shells, sand, bark and Blue Heron Feather from Pike Island
  • Pipestone dust from sacred site for quarrying stone used for Native Pipe ceremonies
  • Golden Eagle feather
  • Red Tail Hawk feather
  • Falcon feather
  • Black wolf and Timber wolf hair
  • Deer
  • Horned Owl feather
  • Turtle shell
  • Raven feather
  • White pine, red cedar, white cedar, MN sage, 'red' willow, tobacco
  • Green dolomite & mudstone from Wakon Tipi
  • Ely greenstone
  • Energy of a gold double spiral
  • Stones & crystals from Uranus/Neptune ceremonies: citrine, quartz, beryl (emerald, aqua marine & gold), rose quartz, amethyst, chalopyrite crystal
  • Monarch Butterfly, red-tailed hawk, Eastern wild turkey
  • Water from Lourdes, France
  • Vibhuti which was manifested directly from Satya Sai Baba
  • Vibhuti which was manifested in a silver tray beneath a photograph of Satya Sai Baba
  • Earth blessed by spiritual leaders of different world religions in which a tree was planted at the United Nations.
  • Earth from a 7000 year old ceremonial cave
  • Earth from El Santuario Church at Chimayo, New Mexico
  • Earth from a sacred location in Israel
  • Ashes from sacred fires of many Indigenous People
  • Lotus flower oil
  • Sand from the great pyramid, Saqqara, sphynx
  • Water from Palenque (Queen's Bath) in Mexico
  • Earth from Mexico Chichen Itza, Huehue Community, Tepoztlan, Palenque & Chiehen Itza
  • Peruvian earth from Machu Picchu, Kenka, Island of Sun (Titicaca)
  • Bolivian earth from Tiohuanaco
  • Hopi pottery
  • Earth from Chaco Canyon, Easter Island, & Eliqui Valley in Chile
  • Frankincense, Myrrh, Lepidotite, Amber, Chrysoprase, Peach, Copper, Rose, Iris
  • Crystal charged from Lazaris
  • Sand from a Wheel of Life Mandala created by a Tibetan monk
  • Satya Sai Baba Water
  • Water from "Gracie Oliver's Beach"
  • Jade and Rose Quartz personally healing to many individuals
  • Tibetan Prayer Flags · Tibetan Prayer Beads
  • Findhorn soil collected in October of 1984
  • Water from the Chalice well in England
  • Bimine Sea water
  • Ollaytaytambo/Valley of Incas sacred well, possibly Lemurian water
  • Essences of Bear Skull, Bear Claw, Eagle Feather, Mugwort…in Mt. Shasta spring water.
  • Tambo Machay/Cuzco Peru water from sacred well in Andean Mts. Collected in 1985
  • Water from Waikapalue West Cave, Kuaui
  • "Lourdes Water"
  • Water from sacred pools in Maui
  • Sacred Ash from Guru M.
  • Hodentin
  • Water from Hawaii - Ioa Neddle
  • Water from the Nile River
  • Owl feathers
  • Sacred Blue Corn
  • Energies present in a crystal from John of God in Brasil.
  • Essences of Jade, Moldavite, California Sage, and Mugwort
  • Hair/fur from the White Buffalo
  • Ancient Anasazi pottery shards
  • Amythyst, Lime Quartz, Rose Quartz & Chrysocolla powdered mixture
  • Water from the Ganges River
  • Orgone energy infused by Orgone Energy Beamers

    *Sacred ground white corn is thrown over every set of vessels that are removed from the kiln.

    Last Updated: October 16, 2012