Peruvian Whistling Vessels 



On April 27, 1972, Peruvian whistling vessels reawakened through a person named Daniel Stat, a prosperous east coast businessman. Daniel purchased a vessel at an estate auction because of its antiquity. He happened to blow through it in his study one day and the resulting experience changed his life.

Daniel's story can be read in Animated Earth, Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 1987.

* * *

After apprenticing Don Wright to make the vessels, he passed on the molds, sacredclay, and vessel making tools to his apprentice. Don continues to produce the vessels today.

The vessels recently experienced a rapid evolution in their effect and appearance. While writing an article for New Frontier Magazine, Don suddenly began to have profound insights into how the vessels should be altered in their tuning and construction. He realized that his previous method of precision constructing and tuning the vessels had frozen them into the evolutionary level of one of the last cultures (Chimu) to make them. The new insights enabled him to allow the vessels to once again freely evolve to be in harmony with the present.

His new approach to producing the vessels involves tuning them while in a self-induced synesthesia perceiving state, intuitive irregular incision of resonator apertures, and the use of copal and frankincense, sacred resins of Peru and Arabia. This evolution has resulted in the vessels producing a deeply profound subjective as well as objective experience as opposed to a predominately objective experience. The time of the onset of the expanded/altered state has changed from around 30 minutes to only 2 or 3 minutes. The experience is much more entheogenic in nature. It now appears to be accumulative in that a person becomes more sensitive and responsive to the effect. The experience now seems to also have residual effects of sensitizing a person’s perception of colors, sounds (music), and the emotional states of others.

 Information more recent than the New Frontiers article can be found in an interview conducted by Richard Rogers, Editor, DEI, New Age Info Net.                     

Last Updated:  October 16, 2012

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