Peruvian Whistling Vessels 


Ordering Information


Vessels are offered in sets of four, eight, and twelve.
(A set of twelve is best used with a large group, i.e. 20+ people,
when vessels will be passed and shared during an experience,
or to form separate groups of not less than four vessels.)


Sets are priced as follows:

4 Vessel Set    $1000.00

8 Vessel Set    $1600.00

12 Vessel Set   $2400.00

Includes packing, shipping, and insurance unless vessels are picked up here or deliverable by me.
International orders will be charged the above plus the cost of international postage.


Upon receipt of half of the purchase price, your place is secured on the waiting list for vessels.
If  I received your deposit today, I would estimate your wait to be approximately three months.
This time will fluctuate depending upon the number of orders waiting
and my physically/spiritually appropriate available energies.

The balance of payment plus shipping if any would be due when the vessels are ready to ship.


Although not necessary, you may provide me with any substance which is sacred or special
to you for me to include in the clay of the vessels. This option has resulted in the clay being
highly charged vibrationally. It has also resulted in the following list of energies being
present in the clay from which every set of vessels is made.


Again, please be free to discuss any of this with me if you desire.
I'm now occasionally available to Skype:
My status
Thank you for your interest!

Last Updated: January 19, 2017

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